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She/Her or They/Them



I acknowledge that one’s healing journey is not linear because it takes time, work, having plan B when plan A doesn’t work out the way we hoped it would go, having plan C for plan B, etc. Most importantly, the need to develop some kindness and compassion with yourself to work through feelings or experiences that feel complicated, messy, or misunderstood.


As your therapist, I will listen to you with “ting” – a Chinese symbol that embodies listening with not only eyes and ears but with the mind, heart, and soul. My hope is to create an affirming and safe space for you to explore and vocalize your needs (crying and cursing allowed) as we work together to get you to a better place mentally, emotionally, or spiritually in whatever way you want to define that better. This is your healing journey and you are the expert of your life – I will be there to help guide you to find what you need to accomplish any goal you’d like to set for yourself. Together we will explore your strengths and areas for potential growth, identify your values, while getting insight or process things you’ve been through, and learn new skills for healing or transforming into your better, authentic you.


As someone who has faced many adversities, life challenges, has had their own struggles with physical health, born with Cerebral Palsy among other things, and mental health – I completely get how hard it is to not only ask for help but the challenges and the courage it takes to be vulnerable enough to ask for help from others – even, from yourself. I have years of experience working with a wide array of people of different lived experiences, and communities such as youth and adults (TGNC, cis gender men and women) living with HIV, sex workers, folx who experienced homelessness, have substance use issues, or co-occurring health issues as well as migrant communities.  


Additionally, I like holding a safe and nonjudgmental, sex, body-positive space to talk about different areas of sexuality and sensuality. TGNC, consensual non-monogamy and polyamorous, kink, “pro-hoe” affirming.  I acknowledge that many individuals have experienced some form of trauma or harm; from family of origin to other communities they are a part of (including religion). Unlike traditional mental health providers, I use trauma-informed, harm reduction approach to culturally stigmatized issues such as substance use, self-harm, and other survival strategies. I hold affirming and safe space to talk about living with a disability, both invisible and visible disabilities, or chronic illness. Other areas of specialties include identity development, bicultural lived experiences, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, grief/loss, adjustment disorders, stress management, and life transitions. 


I am skilled in providing both individual and couples therapy as well as writing gender affirming surgery letters and emotional support animal letters. 


I was born in Chicago and am of Mexican and Guatemalan descent. Ofrezco terapia en español.


I am accepting new clients and welcome all inquiries, you can reach me at or at 773-669-5128.

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