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As a therapist, I often liken the work we do together to the Japanese concept of kintsugi (literally “golden joinery”), which refers to both an art form and a philosophy. In the art of kintsugi, broken pottery is repaired and reinforced with a lacquer mixed with powdered gold, which incorporates the cracks into the pottery’s overall “look.” Similarly, the philosophy behind the art form centers on embracing imperfections, flaws, and changes as part of an object’s history. When they are highlighted instead of hidden, so-called imperfections can tell a story and highlight an object’s uniqueness. Kintsugi reminds us that while we cannot change the past, we can rebuild ourselves in transformational ways, and therapy can offer us a place to do this powerful inner work.

My therapeutic approach is informed by my own background in the arts, education, and community organizing. Working together, I aim to empower you to rebuild your life in line with what matters most to you using your own unique strengths, talents, and life experiences. In therapy, we'll dig to uncover what drives you. Maybe you have a passion for the arts, or you thrive on advocacy work. We'll talk about ways to bring more of that vibrancy into your life, and we'll figure out tools to help reduce your distress. 

As an LGBTQ+-, poly-, and neurodiversity-affirming therapist, I welcome and encourage exploration of gender, sexuality, race, religion/spirituality, and identity in the therapy room. No matter what concerns you bring to therapy, I will show up for you with my trademark warmth, acceptance, sincerity, and even a dash of dry humor when the moment calls for it.

Now more than ever, therapy can be an important way to build connection and restore your sense of well-being. I am currently accepting new individual clients ages 14+ for both virtual and in-person sessions. If you are ready to get started, you can reach out to me at

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