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Stepping into therapy and choosing a therapist takes courage and I applaud you for taking the first steps! I believe you deserve healing and wellness as well as a partner to walk alongside you in your journey. Meaningful healing requires connection and community with others, and you do not have to do this alone. As your therapist, I’ll help you increase your awareness and understanding about what change is desired and necessary for you to get to a healthier place and create a path (or paths) to get you there. Through my own lived experiences and therapeutic work, I have learned what it means to have a safe space to be myself, be accepted, and what it feels like to be seen and heard; I promise to hold a similar space for you.


I work with individual clients, ranging in age from adolescence to adulthood, who come from many backgrounds and communities and struggle with anxiety, depression, life transitions, adolescence, simple and complex trauma, grief, and various identity issues. I love to help clients learn new ways to handle the stressors that life throws them as well as shift the unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving that may have developed over time. I welcome my clients through a multicultural lens and use a therapeutic approach that incorporates EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), and Strengths-Based Therapy.


If you are ready to begin your healing journey and want a therapist who is curious, honest, direct, affirming, creative, and infuses fun into therapy – reach out to me! I see clients in-person and virtually and inquiries can be sent via email to or phone at (224) 999-1369.


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